Flavours and Recipees


Powerade Mixed Berry Blitz
Citrus Lemonade Slurpee
Sour Patch Kids Tropical Paradise Punch Slurpee
MTN Dew Blue Shock
Crush Lite Cream Soda
Mountain Dew
Mug Root Beer
Grape Crush
Sprite Slurpee
Dr. Pepper
Crush Lime


Grape Lemonade

Orange Trickle

Mountain Breeze

Purple Slurp

Super Slurpee Delight

The Connoisseur

Bubble Shock

The Dirty Zebra

Freezing Winter

Loca Cola

Swamp Water

Muddy Pig

Pink Grapefruit

Slurpee flavour selection may vary by location. Check with your local store to find out what flavours are available.